HBO releases new footage from Game of Thrones season 8!

HBO isn’t going to let an insignificant thing like the 91st Academy Awards pull the spotlight away from the fact that Game of Thrones season 8 is under two months away from premiering. It’s released new footage from the eighth and final season together alongside other sneaks peaks of shows coming to the network in 2019, like His Dark Materials and Watchmen. But we’re mainly here for the Thrones goodness; that starts at 0:48. Watch!

So there are a few new shots in this mashup. First, we’ve got Unsullied and Dothraki arriving at Winterfell, Drogon flying above them:

Next we see the Unsullied marching in formation towards the camera. Notice that everyone is properly dressed for the Westerosi version of a polar vortex:

Finally, Arya Stark gets her first look at a dragon. Notice how the people behind her are freaking out while she’s just looking up in smiling in wonderment. Never change, Arya.

Jon seemed more scared the first time he saw a dragon:

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In fact, Arya may be in love:

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There are a few other flashes of footage in there, but we’re pretty sure it’s all from season 7, with ravens flying over the Wall near Eastwatch, some of the characters looking shocked as Viserion dies, and the Wall tumbling down.

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