The king of exploiters

Master of sex-slavery

Who lacks bravery

Cousin of the Devil

The Duke of Players

Well done o

May your sisters be treated

The way you’ve treated all the girls in your life, amin.

All you want to see is her tears

Now she has been crying and shedding tears

You want her to beg

Now she’s begging

You want her to satisfy you

And now she’s satisfying you

Even if to her detriment

You know she’s emotional

And you’ve decided to play on it

You cunningly brought her into your den

Now she is experiencing hell

She’s bleeding within

And silently crying  for help

Aren’t you satisfied destroying her life?

Are you not ashamed of destroying another man’s property?

You know she can’t talk

And so you get her stalked

Then you are feeling yourself

You shameless monster

But you know what?

I will speak for her

Because she’s a lady of dignity

And not a sex slave

She’s the pride of a family

Not a cheap entity you’ve made her

She’s the princess of her father

And not a common slut in your room

You have done enough!

Enough is Enough!

Before you face the wrath of God

Let go of her!

Or you die a miserable death.

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