OLD IS GOLD By McGregorPoet

Mr. Judge, don’t take my case for granted
Like a movie I was the main actor in the scene
Scene full of memories and tears with an irritating scar on my heart
A thirty seconds pleasure
Pleasure through struggles and enforcement
Enforcement from my lust
Lust which could made me choose her at last
I know am innocent till Proven Guilty
Guilty for that in human act
Act which will leave your mouths wide open
Open to offer your petition to the All-Mighty
But in this case don’t call God again
Again you should call in your thoughts
Thoughts from the Wise men
Wise men who said old is gold
She was old, to my senses nothing precious than gold
So I decided to be a gold digger
With sweet scents which capsized my nose
With makeup on her wrinkled face which made her look like a princess
A Princess with no Prince
A Prince I was supposed to be
In the thickets, with a knife on my right and my left hand on her neck
In a fraction of second I tore all her clothes into pieces
Divided her legs then I was ready to do the act
It was an heavenly God sent chance
She was sweet, don’t talk of honey
Oh yes, from her moans she became literate
It was a lesson learned through pleasure
Mr. Judge, they were temptation how could I have avoided them
I just wanted to feel like a man enough and taste the feeling
But remember, old is gold

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